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Nicaraguan Cabbage Vinegar Salad

Cabbage Salad
I have been thinking on what recipes that I have been eating for years would be a really good treat or entree for my current eating plan.  My wife is Nicaraguan and their cuisine mainly consists of fried foods but there  are some  gems that are amazing in flavor and healthy.  This post today though is really about one dish that my mother-in-law makes that is absolutely amazing.  Nicaraguan Cabbage Salad!!!! Lately I have been...
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Paleo Cookie Crisp Cereal

Paleo Cookie Crisp Cereal. (Gluten_Grain_Dairy Free)
It has been an awesome 2 weeks researching and planning out my next set of foods.  I know people think I am crazy but I say it’s awesome because I am amazed at how much information is out there.  A little background on my and my last 2-3 years will hopefully explain this. Back in 2012 I was hospitalized for severe stomach pains after many tests the doctors stated that I should have my gallbladder...
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Egg Custard

egg custard - breakfast
On most days I tend to walk out the door and head to work and quickly eat a hard boiled egg.  Today was something new, my wife decided to make an Egg Custard.  The recipe was featured in a Paleo book that we have and I have to say it actually tasted really good.  One of the best things I found about this was that it made 4 servings so both her and I are...
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Just getting started

tilted fork icon
I am just getting started here and this will be a place that I can attempt to hold myself accountable for my choices.  You may be wondering why the name Tilted Fork well its simple if you piece it together with my title you get Tilted Fork – I hope you weren’t planning on eating that It runs together, if your fork is tilted chances are your food is going to fall off.  Ok that...
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