Just getting started

I am just getting started here and this will be a place that I can attempt to hold myself accountable for my choices.  You may be wondering why the name Tilted Fork well its simple if you piece it together with my title you get

Tilted Fork – I hope you weren’t planning on eating that

It runs together, if your fork is tilted chances are your food is going to fall off.  Ok that sounds like a lame explanation the truth is I just like it!

I am working on building this place up to be a place to publish things that I enjoy for friends and family to be able to see.  I plan on using a pretty strong support system backed by my wife and one of my sisters.  My wife is joining me on this journey of going to a paleo or paleo-ish life style.  My sister has been in and out of pretty good nutrition guidelines for some time and has some incredible recipes that she is going to share with me.  She has also been living a paleo life style in her own way I would say 80/20 or 90/10.

If you stick around and check back often I promise you will read some amazing recipes and see the challenges that a normal person goes through.

As of 2/17/2014 I am starting my journey  to a healthier me.  If you want to know why please read the about me section


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