Kicking Eggs Up A Notch

tilted fork iconWell I have finally reach my first weight goal.  Even though the weight goal is just a by product of doing Paleo it was not my main goal.  My main goal is to just stay healthy and keep my stomach under control.  However to maintain progress and keep going I have set some weight goals and I have hit my first one since February.  That is good for me!  First goal -25 lbs.  Next goal will be another 25lbs lol.   I have been trying to find some new things to experiment with food wise however I have gotten in to a rhythm with items that I like that I have been stuck on them.  But have no fear I have been changing up the way I eat my eggs so you guessed it this is just a tip and trick to changing up eggs.

If you are anything like me you go through eggs like crazy.  I have posted previously about my Spanish Chorizo Tortilla but what do you do when you just get sick of eating regular plain eggs?  Well in my case I have come up with a really good idea.  Lately I have been on a chipotle kick, pretty much anything that I can put chipotle on the better.  So if you haven’t figured out where I am going with this, Chipotle on eggs is great!

This really isn’t a recipe just more of ideas to get eggs to taste different so you do not get sick of redundant meals.

In Miami there is a pretty traditional Cuban dish where they take a thin piece of steak (palomilla steak) cook that on a stove top in coconut oil or butter and then you fry an egg over easy or sunny side up and you serve it on top of the steak with some sauteed onions.

If you steak and eggs don’t do it for you how about a boiled egg, add some paprika, salt, pepper and a small sprinkle of cayenne pepper.  It is almost like a deviled egg just with out the mayo.  Really just small little changes to eggs can get you something that tastes really really good.


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  1. How about making egg muffins? You can whisk up some eggs with Chipotle seasoning or other spices of choice, add some diced bell peppers, maybe some sausage or chopped bacon, pour into greased muffin pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

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