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Upcoming items; new things to try

tilted fork iconWith all that has been going on I have not really had a chance to try new things so this week I have been using some of my favorite paleo eats.  This however does not mean that I will not be posting new items this week but I do want to take a moment to just update on what I plan on doing.

For starters I am going to try to start evening out the categories, the sides area seems to be neglected.  This is pretty challenging for me simply because I need to find a way to do it without having my next several posts targeted at one category.  I have a few ideas on how to achieve this but if you have any input feel free to chime in.

Next on my list of things I need to knock down are personal projects.  While I do work a full time job just like everyone else that is married you have that list of personal projects that needs to get done to maintain a good home/work life.  With changing my lifestyle in the way that I eat and exercise I really need to try to find a good balance of doing the projects at home that need to get done while still saving time to do more research.

Going with the theme above I need to do more research.  I am the type of person that believes that to much information does not exist.  I want to continue to research paleo life style and figure out ways in my own life that I can better balance that.  I think by doing that it will start to reflect in my cooking and by nature make the things that I am eating healthier.

I am also thinking about adding some more categories to this site to better define posts like this.  I am not sure what to call it yet maybe raves and rants but not to sure yet!  If you have ideas submit them 🙂

Those are really items I am going to try to start focusing on, next up on my immediate recipe list will be trying to make home made store bought items.  For example I use alot of coconut milk so one of the first things I will be trying is making my own coconut milk.  I found a pretty good resource on that and have ordered my cheesecloth to assist in the separation process.

Well that is just a summary of whats going on, sorry if this post was boring for ya 🙁